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Why Direct Response Media?

Leading Performance Marketing Agency

Direct Response Media (DRM) partners with clients across Australia and New Zealand, who are obsessed with both increasing their lead generation and with squeezing every last dollar out of their marketing budget. We enjoy working with clients who are either looking for aggressive growth or who want to consistently improve their marketing ROI.

Our existing clients are our best advocates, as delivering results and servicing their needs for growth is at the heart of our offering. This (dare we say it) “passion” is perhaps the reason why DRM has achieved a 92% client retention rate since our inception.


Our Difference

We have a proven formula for success and are at the forefront of performance and ROI-driven advertising.

We believe in the truisms, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”, and “What gets measured gets done”. So in the interests of good management and getting things done, we use real-time data-driven insights to guide our decision making. We specialise in combining persuasive messaging with proprietary data analytics systems to create and deliver highly accountable and hugely successful integrated advertising campaigns.

In short, we know what it takes to be a successful lead generator. And we’re not all talk. We often have “skin in the game” – investing in the success of our clients.


Our Approach

Our primary objective for most of our clients is to increase their sales revenue. We deliver this via performance marketing and advertising, where our constant quest is to acquire more clients for our partners, for the lowest possible cost. 

We constantly talk of 'Cost Per Lead', 'Cost Per Sale' and 'Response Rates'. Growing customer bases and increasing sales via marketing is at the heart of our agency. 



Our experience with high-growth internet and e-commerce companies is a great fit for any business which receives the bulk of their leads via their website. Our expertise in strategy, analysis and optimising above the line media, integrated with digital, has helped our clients aggressively grow and scale.


Pay on performance

We have refined our process so that we are now incredibly confident in delivering desired outcomes.

This confidence allows us to put our money where our mouth is.

We believe agencies should be accountable for the results they deliver, which is why we are often financially invested in our clients’ outcomes. With a performance based remuneration structure, there really is no greater buy-in from an agency than to have “skin in the game”, to drive results.

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Our People

Every member of our team, from our Media Strategists to our Data Scientists, is dedicated to, and focused on, helping our partners achieve greater success.

We enjoy our work and we enjoy participating in your success. Plus, we have an amazing work environment to do it in.


Core Values

  • Positive People with a can-do attitude who get s#*t done
  • Build lifelong relationships Great Communication & Integrity
  • We Help others succeed
  • Curious minds that seek continuous learning, growth and development. 
  • Dependable and demonstrates Extreme Ownership
advertising agencies melbourne office.jpg

'As a charity, ensuring every dollar works is vital to our business. Partnering with DRM was a no brainer for us. Our results and media ROI continue to get better with each year that passes which is a credit to the specialist knowledge DRM possess.’  Save the Children - Nairn Miller

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