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Powered by Data, Fuelled with Creativity, Underwritten by Neuroscience

Growth by Design.

Whether your objective is to increase traffic and conversions, reduce cost per lead/acquisition or to grow your brand awareness, we can help you achieve your goals through our end-to-end innovative social media marketing services.

Ditch the pay and spray approach.

We specialise in performance focused social media advertising campaigns that utilise data driven audience targeting, the latest Neuromarketing insights and propriety Weapons of influence platform to ensure you’re getting in front of the right people at the right time with higher intent.

Our focus is on creating real results for our clients, not just likes and engagement. And by results, we're talking, prospects, leads and sales. Our campaigns are designed to captivate, convert and nurture your market through high performing and optimised creative, data-driven insights and copy that converts.

Top of the Fold Designs

Market Research & Strategy

We get to know your brand, product/service, conduct market research and analyse competitor strategies to ensure your placed ahead of your competitors. 

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Using data, the latest neuroscience insights and Weapons of Influence platform we create high performing creative solutions to captivate your target audience. 

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Once a campaign is live, we don't stop there- we will continue to monitor the progress-tweaking and optimising to ensure budgets are being used on assets that prove to work. 

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Once the sweet spot is secured, we will drive more traffic to assets that are producing conversion, capitalising results.

How We Get Results Through Social Media


Drive the Right Traffic

We uncover your most profitable customer through market research & internal/ competitor analysis and drive them to your offering through compelling copy and creative that resonates.


Right Message at the Right Time

Using the latest Neuromarketing insights and our propriety Weapons of influence platform we can ensure we are putting the right content in front of the right people at the right time.


Nurture the Relationship

Once your target audience is aware of your offering, it’s time to get them to fall in love with you through multiple touch points following them along the customer journey - building trust, increasing the perceived value and decreasing the perceived risks.


Convert to Sales & Leads

It’s time to take your relationship with your target audience to the next level and ask for commitment. We use strong calls to action to drive those warm audiences back to your site to convert.

Top of the Fold Designs


Social Media Solutions





  • Tailored social media strategy to match goals, objectives and timeframes
  • Audit existing strategy 
  • Market & competitor analysis
  • Build strong customer journey 
  • Social Media Funnel
  • Advise or create sales funnels, lead generation products
  • Full Brand content strategy  





  • Produce high performing media for each stage of customer journey
  • Utilise the latest Neuromarketing solutions for better response rates
  • Creative that both embeds your brand into consumers memory structures and delivers high response rates (lead generation / sales revenue) utilising our propriety Weapons of influence platform. 
  • Design brand response captivating visuals/images 
  • Ad, sales, post, site, blog copywriting
  • Creative that remind and refresh your long term brand assets 
  • Strategise and work with your existing creative team to support in creative creation if required 




  • Fully managed digital advertising service 
  • Social media platform advertising (Facebook, instagram, linkedin)
  • Designed for results 
  • Continual optimisation 
  • Hyper targeted audiences 
  • Focus on customer journey to conversion
  • Solutions for building brand awareness, generating engagement & interest, driving sales, enquires & leads, increasing brand recall & following
  • Focus on quality lead generation not just volume
  • Provide performance reporting, consulting and support 
  • Ongoing management
Top of the Fold Designs

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