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Our Process

Performance Media and Lead Generation

Our approach to performance marketing is to create a fully optimised funnel, leveraging both traditional and digital media, that we specifically design to deliver new customers and growth for your company.

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Lead generation

The initial stage of growing your sales funnel is Demand Generation, which takes a potential customer from a prospect and turns them into a qualified lead. Our advertising solution set — including TV, Radio, Print, Search, Social and Programmatic trading— effectively inspires consumers to action, driving quality traffic to your website and converting them into sales-ready leads.

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I’m so proud of the team. We’ve created an environment and  culture that’s filled with passionate people, who love our clients and helping achieve a greater level of success.

Jonathan Rolley - CEO, DRM

Getting to know your company and defining success

At Direct Response Media, we’re good at many things, however reading your mind is NOT one of them. This is why we always start with a conversation. Our job is to solve problems and create opportunities that will drive leads and fuel business growth. We start this process by gaining a clear understanding of your long-term goals, which allows us to determine what needs to be actioned now to ensure the long-term vision is achieved. 

To get you on the pathway to marketing and advertising success, we are offering a FREE Consultation with our top marketing and media strategists. Together we will review your historic media investment and its associated performance using our proprietary analytics  and media attribution platform. From there our team will begin to build a marketing roadmap that will help you not only meet, but surpass your growth objectives.

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