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Neuromarketing is the science of understanding how our subconscious brain interprets marketing information. Does our subconscious mind decide to accept or simply ignore a marketing message? Neuromarketing is understanding the 'buy buttons' in your customer's brain and measuring if these buttons are hit when they are exposed to advertising. 

> Why DRM Uses Neuromarketing 

> How Neuroscience works in Marketing 

> How Neuromarketing Increases your ROI


Why and how DRM uses Neuromarketing

At DRM, we have a laser focus on helping advertisers to achieve better response rates and get more customers. We believe there is much to be gained from implementing a science-based approach to advertising research and having a deep understanding as to how our brains receive, interpret and process messages.

Our study of neuroscience has led us to understand how the brain receives advertising and marketing messages. It allows us to structure advertising in such a way, that the message will be both processed and stored. So most of our application of neuroscience goes into developing creative material that is specifically engineered to engage a prospect and have them take either an unconscious or conscious action. 


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We all have 3 brains.

In the human brain we have essentially three pieces of hardware. A Reptilian brain (Old Brain), Mammalian Brain (Middle Brain) and Neocortex (New Brain). 

For an effective advertising campaign to change consumer behaviour, it must pass through three filters of the prospect's brain. The first two, which are completely subconscious, are referred to as the Reptilian and the Mammalian brains. The third brain, and the final stage of rational thought, is the Neocortex.

An effective ad must penetrate all three brains, with the reptilian brain being the master and the first filter.

If you are interested in learning more, download our 'Brief introduction to Neuromarketing' eBook below:


Reptilian (Survival State)

The Reptilian brain is our oldest brain. It is very basic and very primal. The reptilian brain is only searching for two things: is it an opportunity (i.e. will this feel good) or is it a threat (ie. will this feel bad)? Threats come in two types: either energetic or physical. 

All incoming messaging passes through the Reptilian brain in an unconscious process. If your messaging doesn't pass through the reptilian filter, it will be simply ignored. 

Over 99.99% of all messaging gets blocked at the Reptilian brain. 


Mammalian (Emotional State)

The Mammalian brain is looking at social order and hierarchy. This brain is also called the limbic system and is the centre of emotions, memories, hormones and habits. 

The Mammalian brain is where we experience our feelings and is also unconscious. It is constantly looking for answers to the questions like, “Does this person or message represent social strength? Do I trust this message or individual?”


 Neocortex (Executive State)

The Neocortex is where rational thought occurs. It's our conscious mind and the only brain that is aware of our thoughts. 

Language and abstract thoughts occur in the Neocortex along with problem solving, imagination and planning. The Neocortex is one of the reasons humans are the most evolved species on planet Earth, due to the ability of the Neocortex to communicate and consciously work through problems and innovate. 

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“The trouble with market research is that people don’t think how they feel, they don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say.” David Ogilvy

Increase Advertising ROI with Neuromarketing

At Direct Response Media, we leverage the latest Neuromarketing learnings and technology to engage customers and change their behaviour. We understand the 'buy buttons' in your customers’ brains and connect your brand to these centres. 

We partner with the leading Neuroscience platforms around the world to deliver a specialised service. This involves creating specific messaging, that firstly engages the most powerful part of the human mind... the unconscious mind. By learning how to effectively engage the unconscious mind, advertisers can drastically increase their response rates and sales revenue.  


Neuromarketing principles applied


Want to know if your advertising is getting through to your customers? 

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