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We are a specialist marketing media buying agency that is driven by performance.

Integrating messaging and media. Depending on the communication (creative) that needs to be deployed and the specific target market, this media mix is highly customised.

As an agency, we specialise in high return advertising mediums such as Social media, DRTV, Radio Advertising and performance video.

Our Guarantee

Results. Results. Results.

No prizes for guessing what we are love and obsess over.

We GUARANTEE a 30% increase in media performance for every DRM client within 3months. Whether it's TV, Radio, Programmatic video, or Social media, if you are looking to acquire new customers for your brand and increase sales...you've come to the right place. 

Constant and never-ending improvement to ad performance requires aggressive creative and media optimisation. This requires detailed insights (analytics), expertise and a proven model for decision making.

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TV, BVOD, Radio, Outdoor & Press

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Direct Response TV (DRTV) 

Media Solutions

Direct Response TV (DRTV)

We’re influenced by numbers, results and ROI. Digital advertising has enjoyed steady and increased growth over the past decade, and for some products and startups, it’s a very low cost of entry and helps establish a customer base. But the reality is, TV is still the king of reach and scale.

Remember our “30% increase in 3 months guarantee”? We couldn’t make that promise to existing TV advertisers, if it were not for our expertise in creating and planning TV ads that are designed and placed to maximise the response and ROI.

We are channel agnostic. We specialise in finding the right channel that will deliver the desired ROI. This means direct response radio. This means Direct response digital. We consider all options and a multi-channel approach. Learn more about DRTV here.

Australians spend 2 hours 39 minutes on average, per day watching TV. 90% of it is watching live broadcast TV.


Programmatic TV 

Programmatic TV (PTV) is probably the most misunderstood term used in advertising today. At its core, Programmatic TV is an automated process of buying demographic TV audiences using bid-based software platforms.

Programmatic TV advertising is not designed to replace traditional buying. Rather, it’s a complimentary method of efficiently purchasing TV by automating many of the labour-intensive, time-consuming processes still associated with traditional buying: sales reps, phone calls, paperwork, etc.

PTV fully automates the buying and selling of spot times and drastically improves efficiencies for both the advertiser and network. Additionally, Programmatic TV has the ability to layer first and third party audience segments from the digital world onto broadcast media to deliver more on-target messaging and greater audience response.

PTVs unique combination of efficient rates and targeting are fuelling its rapid growth in the media landscape. At DRM we are big believers in the future of PTV, especially as we integrate our proprietary TV analytics software into performance optimisation buying platforms. The age of Artificial Intelligence TV is upon us.


Radio Advertising

The world of radio is evolving and becoming more diverse and so are we. You can now advertise on more channels including, music streaming services (Spotify) and podcasts, alongside the 'traditional' channels.

It may surprise many marketers to know that radio advertising delivers results on par with 20 years ago. Although considered 'traditional' and out of favour with digital marketers, this incredibly personable medium can deliver tremendous results with the right message. 

Used well, radio can be an incredibly intimate medium. People listen to the radio is their cars at home and also in the workplace. Listeners can engage in talkback, they know their network and on-air talent. Radio is an opportunity for advertisers to build a relationship with a regular audience. 

We’ve seen incredible results (that word again) with clients using a radio/TV combination – literally halving their previous CPR (Cost Per Response).


To get you on the pathway to neuromarketing and advertising success, we are offering a FREE Consultation with our top neuromarketer to review your current advertising material.


"The trouble with market research is that people don’t think how they feel, they don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say.” 
David Ogilvy

What Makes Us Different

We Are Completely Transparent

Unlike other agencies who have a black box for insights, we are completely transparent with all performance learnings. DRM integrates your sales & revenue data into a shared dashboard with a detailed ROI of media investment. We want your advertising to be accountable and we want to be able to show you real results, in real-time.

We Are an Independent Media Agency

Being an independent media agency helps. A lot. We don’t have hidden network deals or unsold media to offload. No parent or global agency insisting we buy through them, on the deals that serve the agency shareholders. We’re flexible, agile and able to take advantage of media opportunities without any hidden agendas.

And that drives unprecedented results and revenue for our clients.

We Use All Broadcast, Subscription and Local Properties

We Utilise Comprehensive Analytics & Consumer Segmentation

DRM uses all broadcast, subscription, and local properties. We know response and media trend data and can provide you with robust insights on how, when, and where to reach your consumer, with rates that allow optimum ROI.

Then we back it up with analytics and consumer segmentation that keep you in the picture of exactly what your advertising budget is achieving.

If you're interested in growing your business, generating more leads or driving more sales get in touch now and make this your year.

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