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Marketing Analytics

How do we grow businesses like yours? The answer is simple: we crunch numbers! 


 Media Test Score & Data modelling

Media Test Score & Data Modelling
  • Building media efficiency around operational KPI’s and CPM/CPL/Funnel Acquisition Metrics
  • Creating an exclusive, predictive and statistical approach to web attribution analytics
  • Integrating insights and intelligence from proprietary technology of media trends and buying behaviors
  • Reduction data analysis to help clients gauge new campaign performance and targets the most effective media optimization strategies with nearly 100% accuracy
  • Benchmarking analysis to compare your campaign results against other advertisers in similar industires



Web . Television . Radio . Social . 
  • Attribution of web response from all media platforms to the right media source through proprietary technology and proven methodology
  • Integration of impulse visit and conversion funnel tail response measurement based on proven scaling factors of all media channels
  • Optimisation of attributed response with actionable insights across all channels


MultiSCREEN attribution

Multi-Screen Attribution

  • Tracking the consumer path to conversion across all screens and devices used by the target demographic, from TV to Desktop and Mobile
  • Measuring the fractional response and weighted conversions that each media channel is individually driving, from Linear TV to Streaming and Pre-Roll Video
  • Optimising the media allocation between media platforms to maximize reach, consumer response and ROI per advertising dollar


TV and Radio analytics

DRM’s TV analytics platform allows you to measure the response, leads generated and ROI for every single spot that goes to air.
We can show you the insights you have always wanted to see. For example... 
CPA on 7TWO was $15.04, while it was $39.85 on 9Life.
CPA on Sundays was twice as high as on Mondays.
CPA in Peak was $174, compared to $44 in Morning.
CPA for your control creative was $59, while your new test creative delivered a $23 CPA

Radio Analytics

DRM’s Radio analytics platform allows our clients to measure the response, lead generated and ROI for every single spot that goes to air. We measure this in a digital metric, so you can understand the CPR or Cost Per Response for the below criteria:

  • Network, Day-part, Day of week
  • Creative

‘I’m so proud of the team. We’ve created an environment & culture that’s filled with passionate people, who love our clients and helping others grow’

Jonathan Rolley - CEO, DRM

Creative analytics

We are obsessed with creative performance, testing and measuring the response rate of creative messages. Our team continually split test small creative changes across both digital and traditional media, to understand which messages are engaging our prospects in real world. The team have developed a baseline response rate for virtually every product category, so we know if a creative is performing better or worse than other brands in that category.


Digital Analytics

In today's advertising age, there are thousands of digital advertising options at our disposal. Understanding which options will deliver the greatest impact and MROI (Media ROI) is vital. Whether it’s social, PPC, SEO, programmatic video, or eDM, knowing the impact digital medium has on building your customer base is incredibly important.


Understanding the performance of your campaign versus your competitors is vital. WE have created a benchmark for virtually every product category. If you want to learn if your response rate is above or below your competition, we would be happy to assist. 


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