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with performance marketing

Direct Response Media is a Marketing Agency based in Melbourne, servicing clients throughout APAC. 
Why work with us?

About us

Our focus is delivering sustainable and aggressive growth for our partners and we have quickly become APAC's leading perfomance marketing agency. We partner with a diverse range of brands that vary from the likes of Nutribullet, to banks and financial institutions, right through to global not for profit and charities. Although most brands face similar challenges, the marketing strategy leveraged to deliver the required growth is often vastly different.

DRM has developed a proven perfomance marketing model and we specialise in value creation, lead generation and advertising.  

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MARKETING Agency Melbourne

Marketing at its essence, is the science of understanding the exchange relationship between brands and their consumers. There is a value matrix and system to ensure products not only get traction, but grow rapidly as a result of getting this proposition and communication right. 

As we continue to transition deeper into the digital world, integration of brands marketing mix has never been more important as our world becomes more complex. We always start with a conversation, to understand your business, it's goals and values. Once we are aligned, we then begin to dig into the customer we are looking to reach and the problem we are wanting to solve.   

Some of our clients

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Direct Response Media agency client Save the children.png
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We start with understanding. Understanding the potential prospect, their challanges and drivers. If we understand our prospects problems, we can tailor our marketing to provide more compelling solutions. 

  • Define the objective + problem
  • Determine research design
  • Design + prepare research instruments
  • Sampling + data collection
  • Alalyse data
  • Visualise & communicate results


Effectively Targeting prospects eleciting a response is at the heart of performance media placement and marketing

  • Integrated Media Strategy, Planning, Buying & Optimisation
  • TV, Radio, Outdoor & Print
  • DRTV - Direct Response TV Advertising
  • Paid Search / Search Engine Marketing
  • Digital Media - Programmatic Online Targeting & Retargeting


Performance Marketing involves effective implementation, analysis and constant optimisation. This cyclical nature is at the heart of consistently delivering growth and constantly increasing lead generation. 

  • Implementation
  • Data collection
  • Analysis
  • Optimise

Research & Discovery : Messaging


what clients say about us

‘Within a month, Jonathan and his team increased our Paid Search Performance by over 20%'

Jess Yang.jpg
Society One - Jessica Yang

‘DRM brings such a diverse mix of expertise to the table and empowers us to make strategic decisions. Exodus is a young brand in Australasia and we partnered with DR several years ago to help us meet aggressive growth plans'

Screenshot 2017-02-20 18.30.54.png
Exodus Travels - Louisa Day

‘DRM continually focus on increasing ROI & Lead Gen from our Above the Line activity. DRM's approach to media was both refreshing & vitally important for an internet startup like ours'

Dan Peterson.png
iBuildNew - Daniel Peterson

‘Direct Response Media helped us reallocate our Marketing investment from Direct Mail into TV advertising. DRM helped us reduce both our CPL and CPA, with results only getting better with each consecutive month'

Install A Veranda - Justin Cannon

'As a charity, ensuring every dollar works is vital to our business. Partnering with DRM was a no brainer for us, our results and media ROI continue to get better with each year that passes which is a credit to the specialist knowledge DRM posses ’

Nairn Miller.jpg
Save the Children - Nairn Miller

DRM has helped us Analyse & Optimise our offline media investment for lead generation. Since partnering with DRM, we have seen a significant increase in Advertising ROI

IMB Bank - Jason Lima


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