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If you are looking to increase your TV advertising response rate, get more leads and achieve a greater media ROI….This FREE eBook is for you.


The 5 steps to ROI from your TV Advertising

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      • TV metrics and attribution
      • Creative response rates
      • Performance media placement
      • Test matrix creation
      • Optimisation and negotiation

TV Advertising has changed…. And it’s only getting better with technology! The changing landscape and fragmentation of TV advertising has been well documented, virtually everyone has a mobile device and over 87% of the population multi-screen. As it moves into a digital era, these changes have allowed clever marketers to evolve their TV advertising strategy to drastically their marketing ROI.

We’ll show you how these changes can totally transform the way you're currently buying Traditional advertising in just 5 simple steps. Get ready to learn how by making some simple adjustments to the way you are currently planning and buying your TV advertising, that could drastically increase your web trac, lead generation & marketing ROI.



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What You'll Discover

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An introduction on how TV advertising has changed and how you can adapt, utilise the changes and  increase your ROI.

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TV Metrics & Attribution

Discover the three reasons to implement digital TV metrics and attribution modelling and why it's important.

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Creative Performance

The seven important aspects of producing a creative with above average performance and how to apply it.

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Media Placement

The three most important aspects of media placement, that will have the greatest influence on engagement and ROI.

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Discover the three most important aspects in developing an effective test matrix to ensure it continues to improve over time.

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Optimise & Negotiate

How to have the right platforms and processors in place to measure and systematically optimise your strategy for performance.

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About Direct Response Media 

Direct Response Media (DRM) is a full service marketing & media agency.  We partner with clients across Australia and New Zealand, who are obsessed with both increasing their lead generation and with squeezing every last dollar out of their marketing budget. We enjoy working with clients who are either looking for aggressive growth or who want to consistently improve their marketing ROI.

Our existing clients are our best advocates, as delivering results and servicing their needs for growth is at the heart of our offering. This (dare we say it) “passion” is perhaps the reason why DRM has achieved a 92% client retention rate since our inception.