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Discover what Neuromarketing is, how it's changing the ways brands communicate and learn how even a basic understanding can lead to a massive increase in results.  


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Most marketers understand that customers are complex and often appear irrational - by leveraging the latest scientific advertising and neuromarketing learnings, marketers can now systematically change behaviour.

Did you know that neuroscience and technology are reshaping the advertising industry?

Neuroscience is the understanding of how the human brain interprets, processes and implements messaging. Advertising is about influencing and changing consumer behaviour. If you would like to learn more about how Neuroscience is helping advertisers increase their customer base, this is a must-read. 


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What You'll Discover in This E-Book

  • Neuromarketing basics

    Discover how Neuromarketing – research methodology uses neuro science techniques and technology to study consumer’s brain responses to brands, advertising and shopping habits in order to help researchers discover new answers to those perennial marketing questions.

  • Which brands are using Neuromarketing?

    Learn about some of the brands using Neuromarketing/neuroscience insights and concepts when developing marketing, brand, communications and shopper marketing strategies and tactics.
  • How to master the art of reptilian communication

    While the entire brain has a role in the consumer decision making process, the reptilian brain is the real power behind the scenes. The basis of Neuromarketing seems to be simply appealing to the reptilian brain - the part that controls a lot of weird primal stuff, like eating and attempting to reproduce. It pulls the trigger for most of the decisions we make.
  • Can you Afford it?

    Until recently, the tools used in Neuromarketing were relatively complex, expensive and experients needed to be conducted in laboratories. Discover what solutions are available now at more affordable costs.While the entire brain has a role in the consumer decision making process, the reptilian brain is the real power behind the scenes.
  • What results can you expect?

    Specific kinds of brain activity are very predictive of purchase intent and preferences but the ultimate response can vary with both your ads content and strategy. Uncover what to expect if you utilise Neuromarketing and how this will impact your overall strategy. 


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